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Salicylic acid hyperpigmentation

 Side effects of salicylic acid peeling are mild and transient. In a series of 35 Korean patients, 8.8% had prolonged erythema that lasted more than 2 days. Dryness occurred in 32.3%, responding to frequent applications of moisturizers.
   Intense exfoliation occurred in 17.6%, clearing in 7–10 days. Crusting was noted in 11.7%. There were no cases of persistent post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or scarring. In a series of 25 patients comprising 20 African Americans and five Hispanics, 16% experienced mild side effects. One patient experienced temporary crusting and hypopigmentation that cleared in7days.     

   Three patients had transient dryness and hyperpigmentation that resolved
in 7–14 days. Salicylism, or salicylic acid toxicity, is characterized
by rapid breathing, tinnitus, hearing loss, dizziness, abdominal cramps, and central nervous system reactions. It has been reported with 20% salicylic acid applied to 50% of the body surface, and it has also been reported with
use of 40 and 50% salicylic acid paste preparations.

{..} has peeled more than 1,000 patients with the current 20 and 30%
marketed ethanol formulations and has observed no cases of salicylism.

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